At Quil, we’re a fusion of left brains and right brains, a symphony of visionaries, creatives, and tech-savvy nerds, united by a singular vision: to create a world where every recruiter achieves the pinnacle of their performance.

…back in 2018 when Ryan joined Vidyard as a BDR. There, he worked his way up to hiring and leading a team of 20 AEs and 3 sales managers in the SMB sales department. That’s when he realized the challenges of hiring a team. 

Driven by the desire to help make the hiring process easier, Ryan ideated and decided to build the solution he needed, thus, Quil was born. Since Ryan didn’t have the technical expertise to turn Quil into a reality he called his friend Jordan Malfara who was leading the development team at CoinSquare at the time and also experienced similar hiring challenges.

A few months later, Ryan left his role as the Head of Sales to embark on this new mission to build an AI platform built for recruiting along with Jordan as co-founders. This software would write notes for them on interviews and automatically update the applicant tracking system so they could focus on listening to candidates.

Today top recruiters trust Quil.